Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Jesse Tree

Thanks to a friend on a homeschool chat site we are doing a Jesse Tree this year. I had heard of them before but had never attempted one. The links she shared made it look fun & a great way to spend the weeks before Christmas focusing on the reason for the season - Jesus!

Our first ornament was the earth. Elvis was given the fun of making this.

Boo sketching a design for the Jesse Tree.

Working hard while brother looks on.

The girls worked as a team with Daddy to decide how to sketch the tree, how high the tree would be and where it would be placed. The girls argued at first but finally worked together in peace.

Princess had to test out the materials & be in on the plan. Lol!

They each took a side of the tree & sketched. Afterward Daddy cut it out with a razor blade.

Almost all cut out & hanging for a trial run.

This photo was taken about a week later. The children took turns making ornaments for the different lessons. The rainbow (The Flood) was made my Bugsy & the ram (Abraham & Issac) was made by Sweet Pea.

Elvis' happy world always makes me smile.

The apple.
(Adam & Eve in the Garden.)


The Jesse Tree
We have fallen behind as "the plague" has hit our house. It's been 7 days with no end in sight. We plan to continue our tree once everyone is feeling better again. We may be working on it after Christmas but that's okay. We are enjoying it & learning a lot!

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Rhonda said...

What a wonderful Jesse Tree! It brings back memories of when my girls made theirs.