Saturday, December 18, 2010

Homemade Ornaments

Our family co-op group decided to do an ornament swap. The vote for homemade ornaments was unanimous! I volunteered to set up the exchange list. I wrote down all the names on slips of paper, folded them and then put them all in a cup. I shook them up & then drew out 2 names. These were buddies to exchange ornaments. I did this over & over until everyone had a buddy. It was the easiest way to draw names since I was doing it alone. I think it worked out very well! =0)

Bugsy made a Christmas tree for his buddy.

Elvis made a snowman for his buddy.

Sweet Pea ended up with 2 buddies. There were an odd # of children & she happily agreed to have 2 buddies. She made this dinosaur for her first buddy.

And she made this butterfly for her second buddy.

Boo Bear made this kitty cat for her buddy.
(This is a close up from the party as Boo wrapped it b/f I could take a photo at home. Lol!)

I helped him add some garland to fancy up his tree.

This is the ornament Bugs received in return! He is thrilled with it!

She was happy with her pink, bejeweled butterfly.

Here is Bugsy's buddy receiving the ornament he made for her.

Boo Bear's buddy loved the kitty cat Boo made for her!

Do you think he likes the dinosaur Sweet Pea made for him? Lol! He promptly named it "Jurassic".

And Elvis' buddy sent thank yous home to Elvis!

Sadly Boo Bear, Elvis, Sweet Pea & Princess all had to miss the party. They have all been very sick. Bugsy & I went alone. It was fun but it felt strange not to have the others with us. Their friends sent their swap ornaments home & they were able to open them yesterday. They are all now proudly hanging on our Christmas tree! =0)

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Rhonda said...

Those ornaments are so cute and it looks like everyone really liked theirs.