Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Today I focused on Princess and her Reading.  She worked on her Reading Eggs and I encouraged her through it.  She finished another lesson and I was proud of her.  We then worked on copying some of the words she is having trouble with.  Mainly these are sight words.  She traced the words I wrote and then wrote them several times on her own.  Our next focus was to break out the Bob Books.  For those of you not familiar with them they are easy readers with simple, fun drawings.  I've used them with my other children and they've all enjoyed them.  Princess read to me and then practiced further by reading to each of her siblings.

 She read the first book to Boo.

 The second book to Elvis.

 And the third book to Bugs.  
I was really proud of her and she was thrilled with her accomplishments.

 The last thing we did was to go outside.  I've found that the more hands on we get with our learning the better it sticks and the longer their attention span.

 I had her write words from her reading on the driveway. 
 She spelled most of them with no help.

 Then the game began.  I called out a word and she raced to find it and jump on it.

 After a few rounds I then added in spelling the word too.

 I noticed she was still having trouble with a few sight words.  I wrote them in big letters in chalk away from the other words.  This time she jumped with one foot on each letter.  She would say the letter aloud and then say the word.  By the time we were done all the words but one were cemented.

 Bugs wanted to be outside too.  He played a couple rounds with Princess and then I set him to his own task.  He first counted by 2's to 100.

 Both busy at work.

He finished quickly and was looking for more.  This time he counted by 4's to 100.  He cranked them out FAST!

It was a beautiful day outside and it was wonderful to be able to do some of our learning in the sunshine and warmth.  The kids took some time to jump in the leaves and run around a bit too.  These are my favorite kind of homeschool days.

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