Saturday, July 13, 2013


Yes, we went back again! I wanted some more blueberries for my freezer & really wanted to attempt to make jam. So off we went early one morning this week to pick. The boys were in day camp so it was the girls & I. Sweet Pea & Princess went off to the blackberry patch to pick while Boo Bear & I picked blueberries. It was a nice time of working & getting some time to talk.
Ready to start!  We got there early to try & beat the worst of the heat & humidity.

The blackberry patch.

Sweet Pea is way down that row.

Sisters hunting for blackberries.

See, Mommy?

My grown up girl picking with her mama.

It is such a pretty farm.  I dream of having one like it someday.

Great job, Boo!

I did almost as well as Boo.

We met some friends near the end of our trip.  The girls found this kitty & loved on it.

Of course we had to keep our tradition of going for ice cream afterward.

We stopped at a local farm stand for some veggies & fruit.  They had 3 adorable kittens!  This one kept following Princess around wanting her to love on him.
Sweet Pea showing off her blackberries.  There weren't many left but she managed to get almost a full basket.

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