Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We are studying Mystery of History Vol. 1 (MOH) with our family group/co-op this year. We do the reading, timeline & worksheets at home and the fun activities together. I decided it would be fun to add an extra hands-on activity to our home schedule.
Years ago we visited the Biblical Tabernacle Reproduction in Lancaster, PA. I had first been fascinated by the Tabernacle in Bible class in the 7th grade. Our visit to Lancaster renewed & increased that fascination. The guide there was extremely informative & we learned a wealth of information. I thought it would be fun to see what our kids remembered from that visit & to make our own reproduction of the Tabernacle.

First I looked online to find resources. I stumbled upon a great help on Squiddo. And to boot it was FREE! Dave & the kids made a trip to Hobby Lobby & then the fun began!

Princess worked on a project of her own. It helped keep her busy & happy while the others worked. =)

This night most of the time was spent on painting the clothespins to put around the outside of the Tabernacle. We chose to buy regular clothespins as they were much easier on our budget.
I'll be posting updates & soon the finished product!

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~Jenn~ said...

can't wait to see the tabernacle. There is a great reproduction in Eurika Springs Arkansas as well. I love how they all dress in costume!