Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Day

It was a GOOD day today.

We started off with MOH. The kids colored their coloring page while I read Mystery of History aloud. We did a lot with the white board too.

Princess wanted me to take her picture. So I did.

Word problems at 2 years old?
This was part of our Zoology lesson.

I put up the new world map today. The kids were all over it.

She loves painting with her watercolor paints.

She's all smiles!

Time for a few chores!

Every day Sweet Pea has an hour with Princess. They do crafts, have a snack & play. They both look forward to it.

Elvis worked on his Zoology notebook journal. I think his favorite subject is science.

General Science, anyone?

Night School!

I started Elvis in his Basic Winston Grammar tonight. At first he wasn't too thrilled but a few minutes into the lesson & he was loving it! He even asked to do a second lesson. =0)

Princess kept herself entertained. And mama amused.


My little ham.

Handsome knight

Daddy & Princess had some snuggle time.

I wuv you, Daddy.

The girls had a quiz in Winston Grammar tonight.

I'm going to ace this, Mom!

I love days like this!


Rhonda said...

Now that just looks like an all around perfect day to me. Your kids are so sweet.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

If ever there was a perfect day, this is it!

I love how they are all over the map. :) The baby is so cute. What a great idea to have the oldest and youngest have special time. I am adding that to my list in my head!