Thursday, June 17, 2010

Growing By Leaps & Bounds!

I knew our garden would grow while we were gone. But.....WOW! I didn't expect this! I guess I didn't realize how long we would be gone in terms of the growing season.
Our wonderful neighbors kept our gardens watered and I am eternally grateful.

This is what the gardens looked like before we left.

This is what everything looks like now. We were amazed!

My pot full of herbs.

The sunflowers are reaching for the sky.

It's like a jungle!

Beans, squash, cucumbers, radishes, beans, peas, tomatoes, basil......

Bed #2

Loving it and can hardly wait for harvest time!


Rhonda said...

You surely do have a green thumb! WOW! You are gonna enjoy those fresh veggies so much at harvest time. MMM!

Claire said...

Wow, everything looks great!