Thursday, December 17, 2009

Come On Over!

I am excited to share another frugal find with y'all! Last year I shared about SwagBucks. Ever since last fall I've been saving up mine and reached a total of 485! I've been keeping my eye on the prizes waiting for something that was worth my savings. I finally decided on a $20 Target gift card. I saved up until I was able to purchase two. Then SwagBucks slashed their price on their gift cards. I did the math and found out I could earn an additional $5.00 buying the Amazon cards vs. the Target cards. No brainer! Lol! I chose to buy the Amazon cards instead. Again before purchasing I did my research. I wanted to see what they had for sale and if it was a purchase I really needed, could be used to help our Christmas budget or something the entire family could benefit from. I also wanted something that qualified for the free shipping. I was happy to see that an item Elvis has really wanted was marked down. It is the Clone Wars first season on DVD. I had bought a different DVD for him but it only had 4 episodes (1DVD) where this one is 4 DVD's. (This is the DVD I bought at Walmart for $15.)

I got it at Walmart for $15. This one was $28.49! I applied the 3 gift cards I had already purchased with my SwagBucks and it knocked the price down to half. After I take back the DVD to Walmart I'll have the other $15. Yay! I'm very excited b/c essentially I'll get the 4-disk DVD set for the same price I paid for the 1-disk DVD! Happy dance!

This is the 4-disk DVD I bought for only $15 with my Swagbucks!

I encourage you if you are not already using SwagBucks to start. If you do choose to sign up please do so from my blog. Then I can earn bucks too! Look on the left hand column of my blog for the widget. In the bottom right hand corner is a tab you can click to sign up. It is free with no obligation. All you do is use them as your search engine. They reward you with "bucks" which you can then spend in their store. There are all sorts of things to choose from. I've noticed in the last month or so they are rewarding me with bucks more often than before. Yee ha! I still have over 300 bucks left. I think I will buy a Wii game for the family to play. I have my eye on one and have just enough to buy it. With the Super Savings Shipping it will be FREE! Now how's THAT for a bargain?
If you do decide to sign up & use my widget to do so THANK YOU! I deeply appreciate it. =0)

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