Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Last year we were at the beach and did not have our back to school traditions.  We missed them even though we adored our vacation.  This year I wanted to bring them back.  All the kids were into it especially the two youngest, Bugs & Princess. Our first and biggest tradition is our Back to School Treasure Hunt.  I fill the kids backpacks up with school supplies, some new school books & several treats.  Candy is always included.  Always.  I admit it's getting a bit more challenging to find things that don't cost an arm and a leg to put in their backpacks.  Thanks to Five Below I found several inexpensive yet useful and wanted presents.

We have always started from youngest to oldest with our Treasure Hunt.  Princess went first again this year.  She got her clues and went to town!

Bugs decided he wanted to go last so Elvis stepped up for his turn.  Even though he is now 14 he was a good sport and played along.  Of course he was a goofball.  LOL!  =)

The face is because Dad hid the WRONG backpack.  LOL!  This is Boo's backpack.  

They decided to go ahead and have Boo hunt for her backpack......umm....er....I mean Elvis'.  Lol.

And she found it!  Great job, Boo!

He was tired for our back to school stuff as he had his first soccer practice the day before.  And it was a workout!  Even so he got to it and went on the hunt.  The more it went on the more he got into it.

Posing with her outfits for Lil' Jimmy, Thomas & Lexi.  (Her doll children.)

Princess with her treasures.


Boo's stuff.  

Bugsy's stuff.  I like how he made it so orderly.

Elvis' stash.

Next up..............traditional walk to school and photo.

Monday, May 9, 2016


Awhile back I saw some photos of a fairy garden in a craft advertisement.  The more I thought about it the more I thought it would be fun to create one with my Princess.  We both decided we wanted our own mix of items to put in it and not to follow anyone's plan but our own.  I'm a big fan of creativity.  Today was the day.  

When we first started planning we were going to use a small container.  Then today while we were outside doing yard work I remembered Princess's old turtle sandbox.  It hadn't been used in quite some time and I love re-purposing items.  Turtle seemed like the perfect fit for a Fairy Garden or Imagination Garden.   Whimsical and big enough for many items.  

                  We started with some violets we picked up on clearance at Walmart.

                                                                  Princess added a geranium in her favorite color.
    Then we spent about 20 minutes setting it up exactly to her liking.

She has a pond with ducks, farm animals, sea shells, flowers, seeds planted, princesses & more.
 She had so much fun she made a little one that she can play with anytime she wants.

                       This picture is darling.
 The finished Fairy Garden.     
I have to admit I want one of my own now.  =)