Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It takes years to build up trust,
and only seconds to destroy it.
- Anonymous

Friday, May 25, 2012


Now that we have conquered the office/schoolroom it is time to move on to another room in the house. I can't take the clutter, dirt & disorganization any longer. In order to enjoy my summer & stay somewhat sane when school starts again I must get this done. I let Sweet Pea choose the room. The Family Room was her choice & so the work began!
First we cleared off all the shelves on this side of the room.

Little by little.......

Then we started moving the shelves away from the wall in order to retrieve all those pesky things that like to hide underneath.

Yep, there was a lot!


We moved the other 2 shelves.
Lo and behold, more junk!

Busy bees.

Princess needed a rest.  She saw the cleared shelves as the perfect bed.  Zzzzzzzzz...........

Who needs expensive bunk beds, right?

Snug as a bug in her new perch.

More pics to come!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Office/Schoolroom Overhaul

Sweet Pea & I have been working hard on the office/schoolroom. We have cleaned, purged, thrown away, sorted & organized. Exhausting! After 1 afternoon, 3 evenings and too many hours to keep track of here is our "new" room!
 The view from the door.

 Dave's Desk
The stuff underneath is mostly papers, receipts, etc. he needs to sort out.  Lucky him!  Lol.

 My Desk
The shelf under the whiteboard houses my stuff too.  
Hands off, kids!

 These are my main resource shelves.  

 The big shelf on the right holds resources on the top shelf, fiction on the next 2 shelves, and the last 2 shelves hold more resources.  Our portfolios are there as well.  The middle & bottom shelves hold educational DVD's, blank pocket folders, classical books, history, math, language arts, & health.  Lastly, the shelves on the far left hold bins, science, teacher resources & some work from previous years that are keepsakes.

 This small set of shelves holds office supplies, manuals & coloring books.

 These are more resources on the right & science, history, art, Spanish & writing on the left.

 We actually cleared out some space on this long shelf.  I'm thinking of putting some of our educational games here.  They've been in the closet & though it's good storage they are easily forgotten out of sight.

 The small set of shelves hold the kids day-to-day resources & supplies.  Clipboards, glue, glue sticks, markers, crayons, colored pencils & crayons are all in the crate & bins.  The bottom shelf holds manipulatives, dictionaries, thesauruses, & some file folder games.

 I used every bit of space in this small room.  Behind the door videos are shelved and learning corners & a roll of butcher paper are stored.

 And now for my closet.  Ta-dah!  It has all been sorted through.  Every last bin & box.  New labels were made and taped on.  Everything is easy to find & we have plenty of supplies still left.

 I love those clear storage shoeboxes!

The bottom boxes hold Princess's school toys & activities.  I hope to find a space to store these so they are easier to see and grab on a daily basis but still leave them accessible only for learning (school) time.

I had all these boxes, bins, & shelves from before.  I simply re-arranged what I needed to.  This job didn't cost us a penny.  Yay!

I still have some tweaking to do as I put up posters & fill those empty shelves.  But I am thrilled at all the hard work we knocked out.  It wasn't an easy or pleasant job but it was sorely needed.  I'm glad it's done!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Curriculum Sale Finds

Boo & I went to a homeschool curriculum sale today. Boy, was it fun!  Here is some of what I brought home.
These were free.  They are like new too.

 These were free too.  My kids love these kinds of books & magazines.

 These were only $1 each!  They will be perfect with our studies next year.

 I picked up quite a few readers.  Most of these will be for their Progeny Press studies.  The missionary book & nature readers will be fun for family reading time.

 Our family always enjoys adding new games.  And for these prices I was happy to!

 For Avery & Claire
A steal at 50 cents each.

These are a favorite of Avery's.  Another steal at 50 cents each.  I think I'm going to save them and put them in his Back to School Treasure Hunt backpack in August.

 We always enjoy having lots of supplemental books in our home library. 

 Bugsy's math books for next year.  
He will be in 2nd grade but he is already almost finished his 2A & 2B books.

 The Draw Write Now book will be added to our set & the Geology book will go perfectly with our Earth & Space Science studies.

 I purchased this for my little artist.  I have a lapbook that I will pair with it.  This book will help the study come to life.

 A peek inside.

This was a great deal as well.  Boo Bear & I plan to study this in the fall.  We want to study the Middle Ages in this series too.  I'm excited about doing fun unit studies again.  I see lots of literature, trips to the library, documentaries, projects & hands-on learning in our future!

Looking at all the curriculum & supplements today has me really excited for this fall!

P.S.  I bought a few items for Sweet Pea too but I can't post them here or she will see.  Shhhh..... =)