Saturday, February 4, 2012

Simple Fun

Who says kids need fancy toys to have fun? Princess found this box upstairs yesterday. It was one that Elvis had been using for a home for his Littlest Pet Shop animals. Princess found a whole new use for it. Lol!

She made me laugh as she looked adorable.
Where did Princess go?

Bugsy got in on the fun.
Love those eyes!
Silly girl!
The funniest was when she ran. Oh, my stomach hurt from laughing!
Hey, Mama!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Haircut!

Little Miss Boo Bear has grown tired of keeping her long locks under control. I have been teasing her for some time that I was going to give her a haircut. In fact we were having dinner Wednesday night when the topic came up again. Thursday morning I asked her seriously if she wanted me to cut her hair. Right away she decided, "Yes!"
I set her up in the bathroom aka Mama's hair salon.
It was quite long. Longer than I first realized!

Together we decided on a length. My job was to move the scissors while she decided where I would cut.
After checking, double checking & triple checking with my "client" I made the first snip.
I think we were all a bit surprised at the length when it was clutched in her hand!
She is being a goof for the camera & her sister. Yes, she could have a career in entertainment. LOL!

Getting excited to see the results!
A few more snips to trim it up in the back.......
........and to even out the front as well.
Here she is! My beautiful girl! She loves it & received many compliments from her sweet friends. I told her she looks very cute & is now all ready for spring & summer! She says, "Bring it on!" Lol!